When suffering becomes a necessity

Older people usually suffer from illnesses, often related to age. Depressions are very common in the loss of peers or relatives and even strangers. They, I imagine that for the distance traveled, they become foresighted, conservative and even fearful

That’s why I do not see strange what happens to a friend’s mother. Her children began by comparing him «load» every week, and, through him, the lady saw Discoverys, novels, dramatized series to Case Closed and any number of programs (for my trial and, without anyone being offended, of little mounts, but of great acceptance in many). It turns out that, as everything happens and technology is imposed, this mechanism was not enough and now Isa, which is what it is called, has «Antena» service, something of doubtful origin that allows you to see a certain number of channels of the US TV
The old one is «made», using her own words: «now she is up to date, she does not miss one, she knows all of them …», in the style of the most experienced television host or reporter, her family and she informs them of what is happening: «there was a tremendous accident on the highway, such … kidnapped a child and appeared in a parking lot … a couple of juvenile girls stabbed a 15-year-old teenager and, fortunately, a man prevented the fact was worse, the boy was saved … if the murderer of Las Vegas had everything planned … and they are in their twenties killed by the fires in California … there was an earthquake here and another there … how terrible what happened in Mexico … oh my God, what do you think that Trump! … how José José will continue, what a big thing, to get sick like this … the president of North Korea says that if they throw him, he throws and if they give him, he gives … I tell you that the world is of the caraj .. Ho and it’s one of those days when I feel bad …!
And, in the midst of all this, his son arrived and, frightened by his mother’s mood, with that amount of negative information, he said: «Mime, if you continue like this, if I see you suffering for free, again, I’ll take it away from you. «The cable» and give it to the Cuban TV, where everything is fine and there is no problem «.
It is not necessary to explain that the Lady fell silent. I, badly thought at the end, I gave a double reading to the subject.

What you have I do not know but, deserves urgent attention.

Cuba is known as the Island of Music and not for pleasure.
Son was born, Guaracha, Guaguancó; the Mambo, the Cha cha chá, the Rumba; the ingenuity of their children sprung unrivaled boleros and habaneras … of Cuba is the Changüí, the Sucu Sucu and such exalted figures as Leo Brower, Chucho and Bebo Valdés, the brothers Sergio and José María Vitier, Silvio, Pablo, Ñico Saquito, Compay Segundo , Omara, Benny Moré, Rita Montaner, Snowball, Polo Montañez, the Trio Matamoros, Formell and so many exceptional musicians who made the unforgivable mistake of not mentioning them, due to lack of time, space and memory.
But Cuba are also Gente de Zona, the Jackal, with its bachatas; the Four, with their versions; Divan, the Orishas and some reggaetonists more than, make their «tiraderas», border on the limit but do not reach vulgarity.
Generally, young people listen to music «at full speed», that «stop the one that has brakes», what does it matter if they bother or not ?, what they are singing and dancing about and that they listen to and see.
In particular, I like to feel happy. However, it is worrisome to see how the antithesis of good taste, good work, good language, respect, education, the ethical and aesthetic, takes over the environment, mainly in the evenings and evenings.
«Mommy … how rich are you … how do you take it from me, how do you put it … take it from me … it’s not the face or the body, it’s the divine palon … the four are happy … it goes down … that takes out and any amount of swearwords within reach of all age groups, without measure, it is not necessary.
Although some, perhaps they smile when reading, I draw attention:
Could it be that this is the music that future generations will inherit?
Could it be that the Cuban musical heritage will fall into oblivion, while even those of us who are committed to disclosing it, continue to make concessions to anti-culture?
Could it be that, in the eagerness to sell, the state service facilities also accept as normal that constant rudeness, whoever is, including children?
The INTERROGANTS are infinite.

What reggaeton has, today, I do not know, but it deserves an urgent study, that deciphers its essences and the reason for the growing acceptance, in a society that pretends to be more cultured and educated.
In music, I refuse to believe that this, to which I refer, has much to contribute to the national culture.

Songwriter Tony Avila thanks the preference of his music in the public of Varadero

Singer-songwriter Tony Ávila thanks the audience of Radio Varadero for keeping him, as the most popular Cuban interpreter of the 98.1FM, the Blue Sign of Cuba.
Through a message, the author of Mi Casa.cu, Timbiriche and the Chosa de Chacho and Chicha, among so many very Cuban subjects, expresses feeling excited and committed to the `public of the radio house in Varade.
«Infinite thanks to all the listeners, he said, there is no word or phrase that can convey to you what it feels like when you know yourself preferred among so much music, I did not expect it and I do not even know if I deserve it, what I do know is that I owe to you. Thanks to the collective of the renewed and important Radio Varadero, its management and its specialists for placing my songs in their spaces, otherwise this message would not exist «.
Tony Ávila wants the people of Varadere to know that the fact of keeping him in the radio preference for more than two years, commits him to create, «You have made me fuel and I will take it to keep going, a hug and hopefully follow my songs being part of the soundtrack of his day to day «.